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Dev Webcast Recap

posted Mar 19, 2012 19:32:24 by TheLOLBandit
Here is a quick recap of today's webcast @4:30 PDT.

Jens thanked folks for posting videos of the new fights.

DLC3: Battle for Earth

Addressing Lag in recent update.
Trying to address the bugs at a fast rate.
No plans on removing bottles because Brainiac will always be "part" of our story
No plans for other ways to get Marks of War currently


DLC4 will be heavily PvP focused.
Next Webcast will have PvP teaser (DLC4)

DCUO General

Movement Modes...they do want to add more movements modes in the future. Nothing definite over the next couple DLCs.
New Power types? They are going to be focusing on weapons and new movement modes for awhile, so not likely to see a new Power Type with next DLC.
New bad a@@ weapon (type?) coming in next DLC.
Focusing on current unused city space before they add new cities to game.
New Character type may be coming in DLC4
Superboy was on their list of characters, but had to pull for Legal issues. Plan to add in the future.
No new 52 revamp (and yes in some ways)...never a full revamp.
52 tie-ins coming to Market Place
Housing plans in the future...will be cool
New styles coming to vault (ties in to 52 tie-in above)
Will always have heroes and villians working togehter and also working against. Will have both storylines. Heroes will go against future lex, and villians against future batman.
Do plan on adding new levels to the game, but not sure when (with future DLCs). Skill points and Power points will be dealt out when new levels come out.
New styles coming to Market place (no plans on hair yet)
Mail bug fix coming with next game update
Update 11 Bug fixes: Locked outside door (teleporter will spawn)
Game is doing fantastic after going f2p
Many changes planed for Legendary membership coming...annoucements coming soon (in next couple of weeks maybe)
Door Blockers...hallways and coridoors will be wider
Bug fix coming...pets will continue to exist through zoning
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