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While I am waiting for the DCL3 Patch...

posted Mar 13, 2012 16:39:45 by TheLOLBandit
I thought I would upload some Screens I've taken while playing with everyone

New BG for Char Select

And Old pic of Dun, Daft, Mag, and Myself

Ahh good old Kahndaq, if you look closely you can see OFK and D-man, aswell as snacktime I believe.

Me trying to snuggle with one of the GLs

and someone ruining my fun! >_<

Our 1st FoS2 raid, instead of listening to what I was supposed to be doing, I was taking pics. That is Trag and Twiz

Fun from when I decreed PINK day!
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2 replies
DaftKiller said Mar 14, 2012 06:57:19
Lol looks like brown on me ><
TheLOLBandit said Mar 14, 2012 22:34:08
I think I'm going to start uploading pics I take to this thread, and if Hal wants to add them to the rest of the site, she is more than welcome to.
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