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posted Jan 30, 2012 09:55:16 by DaftKiller
People, you are welcome to join our community in here!
Feel free to post anything related to the game, questions, guides, tips, hints, etc. Just remember to do it properly, watch vocabulary and respect others. Keep it cool, you know.
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Hajle said Jan 30, 2012 22:01:48
Yo! XD
..hmmm....trying to think of what to say...but dunno where to start...guess I'll just got with...

I R FRUITY!!!! have been waaaarneed....(lorax anyone?)
TheLOLBandit said Jan 31, 2012 05:28:09
I know what to say

Naked Bandit is awesome!
DaftKiller said Jan 31, 2012 07:02:01
lmao yo bandit make me a cool siggy T.T I suck at that :P
TheLOLBandit said Jan 31, 2012 07:22:10
I'll make a sig thread. Where I take request and such.
But make you on sometime between weds and Fri. ( im off those days)
DaftKiller said Feb 01, 2012 07:17:23
sweet! ty mate :D
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